Office Cleaning Services

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The Best at Making Your Business Shine – Sparklean Maids®!

Office Cleaning Services

• Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services
• Office cleaning
• Kitchen and restroom cleaning
• Dusting and window washing
• Waste removal
• Daily carpet care
• Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning
• Entrances and lobbies

Daytime/Nighttime Cleaning

We clean when it’s convenient for you! Our clear-cut detailed scheduling provides you with the assurance of disturbance and trouble free cleaning. We work around your scheduled meetings, event, and more. We realize schedules vary depending on the type of facility you manage and the hours of operation of your business or office. Your cleaning services can be scheduled from one day to seven days a week, and during any hour of the day. Not only are we flexible, convenient, and customizable, but we provide more than just your basic office cleaning! Check out our other services below!

Common Area Cleaning

Sparklean Maids can help you with the common area cleaning needs. Do your cabana’s need to be cleaned after special events? Sparklean Maids is there. Do the grounds need litter and trash removal daily? Sparklean Maids is there. Does the equipment in the weight room need to be disinfected and wiped down? Sparklean Maids is there. Do you common area restrooms need cleaning and sanitizing? Or if you just need basic office cleaning, we can help you with your cleaning needs because Sparklean Maids is there. Whether it’s a one-time, daily, weekly, or whatever your preferred schedule, Sparklean Maids is there to help you keep your business sparkling!

Apartment Turnover Cleaning

Keeping an apartment occupied is critical to your business. Vacancies are lost income. If a unit is not ready for occupancy quickly it can mean you lose a prospective tenant. Sparklean Maids is experienced in cleaning apartments quickly and efficiently for a quick turn over. Let us show you how we can turn that vacant unit into a rent ready unit in the shortest time.
• Proven fast turnaround time
• Disinfectants that have shorter kill times
• Unmatched scheduling

Tenant Move in/Move out Cleaning

Are you a building owner or property manager? Having clean suites or buildings ready to show to prospective clients is an absolute must. Sparklean Maids works together with property managers and owners on a regular basis to insure showing their properties will not turn into an embarrassing moment. We have trained personnel who understand how to detail various types of properties for show and focus on what areas most service providers just miss.
We recognize that schedules change due to construction delays or any number of other variables. Our crews are flexible and can work within your time constraints to get you turn around clean done when its most convenient for you!
• Touch up Cleaning prior to prospect viewing
• Post Construction cleaning after tenant improvements are completed
• Interim touch up cleaning during periods of vacancy
• Our staff works on a predetermined schedule with your leasing staff.
• Sparklean Maids will work side by side with your other maintenance crews.

Event Cleanup

Having a big event at your commercial or business property and need help with the cleanup? Let Sparklean Maids come and take care of all your cleanup needs. We can get rid of that litter and trash, clean those bars and cabanas, sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors. Let us bring your business back to its originality and make your property ready for the next business day stress free.

Whatever your small business, apartment, or office cleaning needs, Sparklean Maids is there for you. Call us today so we can set you up with a customized schedule and cleaning package!